Classroom Wish List

1. Standard copy paper and Notebook paper

2. The Universe (History Channel) - video series - all seasons

     How the Universe Works - video series

     Nova - video series

     Cosmos - video series

3. Batteries

4. Dungeons and Dragons figurines for DnD club (middle school students) to use.

                          - Dice for the game (4, 6, 8, 10 and 20 sided)

                          - Terrain mats with measured out standard movement units.

                          - DnD Monster Manuels 5 edition, other manuels too

5. Planetary orbit simulator (maybe show eclipses too)

6. Laser pointer

7. Classroom set of wired headphones

8. Nintendo gear for Nintendo club, game-cube controllers and adapters, docking stations, HDMI capable screens and monitors, and anything really

9. Tissues

10. Plastic cups, bowls and plates, forks and spoons

11. Tape, (all types)

12. Glue

13. Star Lab (digital projector version) - for planetarium viewing during the day and at any location. (This is Expensive) ( we have a protable blow-up planetarium now!!)

14. Class set of tablets (This is Expensive)